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Poster:HONG YOU ZHENGPost date:2012-08-01

First of all I want to represent all Hungkuang Information Engineering University students welcome freshmen attending this department, joined the Department of warm and vibrant family. University life is a very important stage. Independent living away from their parents' wings is the last one before learning opportunities. Bet the essence of life is 18 to 22 years old youth, as well as four hundred thousand or so of tuition, I hope you can learn in the future to settle down breadwinner skills. Most people believe that missing a university degree, easy to find a good job. But many people do not know a person with a university education find a good job because in college to learn the skills needs of the community. Mistaken for a college degree as long as there are good people who work, study periods often muddle along just passing grades can get a diploma. Only university education is the lack of skills, it is impossible to find a good job. Information Engineering's core programming skills are, I hope you are in the department during the study can learn solid programming skills. Skill skillful enough, it is easy to be eliminated in the workplace. Skills to be proficient, in addition to the teacher's teaching, his hard training is also very important. School age, do not neglect the after-school self-practice.
    Wish you have a fulfilling college life, learn the core skills of the department, footing became the backbone of society, the family successfully intact.

Hungkuang University
Information Engineering Department

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